Sunday, August 8, 2010

Full Moon??????

It just has to be....... Crazy morning around here. Busy, and that's good...but crazy!
14 of the 5-5-5, 28 of the Friday night couples and assorted other golfers are out enjoying this beautiful morning. All is good.

We hosted the C-town annual golf outing here yesterday. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I received many compliments on the Golf Course conditions. Our compliments go to all the participants. I was able to participate in the outing, and enjoyed a great afternoon of good friends, good weather, and of course.....Cold Beer.... Oy! It was a good day.
Thank you my girlfriend Jill......You Rock!
Thanks Joe Tee for all of your help!

Indeed Jeff, Josh, Augie, Grant, Matt, Don and Bobby have done a fabulous job keeping the course in great condition despite some exhausting weather conditions.
Rock on guys!!!!!

On to the next venue.......Ben Kramer Memorial August 14th and 15th. Always a good time this event. Two days of golf and fun. What more can a girl ask for? (don't answer that!) Ok...maybe answer that.

The 5-5-5 are coming in now and Judi can use my help. She has been singing stupid songs all morning trying to get them stuck in my head...... "whats new pussy cat? whoa whoa......" Oy!
Have a great rest of the Weekend.... See you soon