Friday, February 20, 2009


Then we can say goodbye to February and hello March. Ahhh... what a wonderful month.
St. Patrick's Day, the promise of spring around the corner, day light saving time, everything screams GREEN. Which happens to be my favorite color. Thing about it, Money is green, Golf courses are green, green peace, green eggs and ham-sam I am.

We are still working at the club to get things ready for all of you. Even though it seems so far away, soon the sound of club heads striking the golf ball will ring through Richfield. Nothing quite like that sound. Kind of like the sound of a grandfather clock chiming on the hour. (or in Mr. Zupanc case, the sound of a tin can hitting the ball) It's that type of driver of his. What ever it is, it works for him. Keep up the good work John!

Jeff and Josh have been out on the course in between the snow storms picking up sticks and debris, and observing what needs to been done to open the season. Lot's to do, but they are all fired up, and ready to rock!! Josh even played 36 holes Monday, dodging snow, and playing through the snow. You rock Josh!! (or your off your rocker) Ha! Just kidding buddy.

A few friends have popped in to say hello and check in. Everyone is optimistic about the up coming season. Even with the tough economic times, I still believe that St. Bernard G.C., and golf in general, is still one of the best recreational investments you can make. Hope you agree.

We look forward too seeing all of your smiling faces soon. Plenty of Par's and Birdies out there just waiting for you!! See you soon!!

Personal note:
Hugs and Kisses Lucy, we love you!!