Saturday, January 21, 2012

Closing in.....

on February that is. We're almost done with the first winter month of the year, and so far the white stuff has been minimal. Next up, the shortest winter month. Football is coming to an end, the PGA is ready to kick off and before we know it, the Chili Open will be upon us.
Time to start the count down.

This brief reprieve from the winter blues has resulted in quite a few members continuing to get more rounds in for 2011 and a jump start on the 2012 season. As an added bonus this has also resulted in a few more libation sales. Not a bad thing....every little bit helps. Let's hope this is a sign of good things to come for 2012. A girl can only hope!
The continued mild weather has also helped Jeff get his many projects done without having to freeze his butt off. Even though he really does enjoy the winter, he admits this has been pleasant. Rock on Jeff! Although I think Jake is a little confused. One day he's building snow dogs, the next he's working on his tan and chasing squirrels up trees. What's a dog to do?
"Mom...whats for lunch?" seems to be the question of the day. Oy! Gotta love the boy!!
As for me....I must admit I am very behind in my projects, aka cleaning/painting, ect...
As I have described to many, the last year has made feel like I'm in a bad "B" movie. The kind that you see the mouths moving, but the voice is seconds behind..?! I just can't get into rhythm.
I guess I need Jeff to throw a flag on the play and knock me back into sync.
(don't take that literally my friend!) Remember...I still cook your meals! Yikes!
I'll get it together soon. Just need a little motivation (and maybe some B12).

The 19th hole is still open with smiles and warmth, awaiting the hole by hole stories of rounds gone by. Stop in soon and relish in the thoughts of pars and birdies abound .
Hope you are all enjoying the new year and the prospects of good things to come.
Enjoy your time with your family and friends, treasure the moments and live each day one at a time.
Think Spring!
See you on the links!