Friday, July 20, 2007


Oy!, B.P. better get back here soon!! I don't think I take the crew for granted around here, but boy when they are not here it makes me appreciate them even more. Linda is going to slap my silly soon. I keep fretting over everything. She keeps telling me to calm down, everything will work out. It always does, but in the mean time I worry! I think I got everything under control. We have a group of 16 today and they are just turning now. The junior league is right behind them and they should be finishing up soon. Then the Friday night couples will be starting next. It's a good day!! Linda is making pot roast for the couples tonight. I can smell it cooking. Now I'm hungry!! I'll have that for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe a piece of fruit to balance things out! Two outings Saturday. This is good!! The weather looks great also. Then Sunday we have a big outing. 80 golfers. Yeah!! I guess my game is going to suffer a little. I won't be able to golf until Monday. Poor me!!!! Ok, back to work. Hope you all have a great weekend. Only 22 days until preseason football!!!!! Go Browns!!!