Friday, October 19, 2007


Not that it matters to me. Everyday is like a Friday here. Just waiting for someone to golf with! Maybe some of the 5-5-5 will show to play around noon. If not, I have plenty to do. Got to get ready for the Pig roast Saturday. I think we have everything together. Just a few minor details. Linda has the clubhouse looking like the Munsters house. Where's Grandpa and Herman? Every time I make a move some kind of creature makes a haunting sound. I love it!!! Jeff's got the course in great shape again!! Bill, Wally and I put the teams together last night. I think were ready to roll. Now all I need is the weather to cooperate. It looks good. (for now!) Uncle Harry and Tom will be here to roast the pig. They always do a great job. I can't stand to watch. I have to close my eyes every time I go out the clubhouse doors!(and being the klutz that I am, usually trip over something!) I prefer my food wrapped in plastic from the grocery store. And without a face. I think I'll have PBJ for dinner!
Ok, my sales rep just walked in with my order of windshirts. A little late in the year, but I'm sure they will sell. If not this year, next year. Time to get to work. See you soon!!!!