Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Day after....

we couldn't have ordered up better weather for Jeff's 4th annual football bash! What a Day!
Everything was top notch.....Good turn out, weather, food, great prizes and plenty of smiles all around. Even Jake took a trip to the groomer for the big occasion. He wasn't too happy when he got back, but he looks like a new dog. And smells like one too.... yikes!! Jeff and I both could use a trip to the spa after this event. And maybe a bloody mary or two. Ouch.....
I think everyone had a good time. We even had an official photographer come out and take pictures. I can't wait to see them. I'll post them when they come in.
Now the cleanup....oy! I think maybe I might wait until tomorrow to take everything down.
The Friday night couples league are having another Sunday special and they are starting to roll in. Bloody Mary's all around!!!
The 5-5-5 are getting ready to turn, and the day looks to be a busy one. Thank goodness.....
Now if I could just get Judi to wake up... the day should be a good one.
Hope you have a great Sunday. Talk with you soon.