Monday, May 18, 2015

Skills Challenge

Sorry for the hiatus...too much on my plate with not enough time in one day to digest it all! The indecisive weather has detoured many from hitting the links this early, so in turn I have been covering many shifts.  Despite the threat of rain all day this Saturday we moved forward with our 4th Annual Skills Challenge.  The first 18 holes were all 100 yards or less par 3's.  Some placements were a real challenge.....Jeff!!! and Budman! Yikes!   then the next 9 holes was a regular scramble. Both rounds resulted in ties, and as predetermined, there was a sudden death play off.  These are always a hoot, as everyone grabs a cart and follows the playoff, with plenty of jovial banter.   I even managed to play and made it to the playoff.....but then I choked!!! UGG!!!!  Oh well, at least I made it out.
I'll get my groove back soon. (I hope!).  After we paid out prizes and raffles, we settled in for the usual relive each putt missed and enjoy a few libations.   A normal weekend at "the Dog".
What more can a girl want?!   (don''t answer that!)

Jeff and crew have the course in EXCELLENT shape.
Many and many have made the same comment.  Jeff...take the compliment!!!!! you've earned it!
Now if we can just get more golfers out to appreciate it.
Many storms predicted again for tonight. Oy!
The poor Monday night ladies have been rained out for 6 weeks straight, and tonight might be 7.
Please say it's not so.....
But after tonight we have a quick cool spell.  Not sure if this is good or bad?, but it is what it is.
We are scheduled for a Senior Open this Wed the 20th. I usually make food specials for the Seniors,  so Im thinking givin the forecast, maybe chili-sloopy joes- tacos, and maybe some sort of chicken dish for those not so crazy about beef..?  
We shall see what I can come up with.
On that note....I need to get teams together for the tournament, and start cookin'.
Hope you can get out soon and enjoy YOUR course.
Have a good one........