Sunday, September 23, 2007


After a week of hard work filled with challenges, mishaps and malfunctions here, we have a great weekend to look forward too. We had a club scramble yesterday. The weather was perfect, the company was great and our Buckeyes kicked butt!!!! Today the Tuesday men's league has their year end tournament/banquet. The 5-5-5 will play this morning, then hopefully we can watch the Browns kick butt!! (a girl can dream can't she?) You never know! I had a great team yesterday, and we managed to get 2nd place! B.P. played a excellent game despite having to run on to the tee after making about 30 breakfast for our hungry players. Bob and Helen putted light's out, and that's what wins these tournaments. I managed to help the team with my driver, and my p/w club. Not bad for an old lady of 43 (Huh Jeff?!) Yes I am a year older as of Thursday. It was a nice birthday, filled with golf, good Friends and a few Michelob's. Can't ask for anything better!! Time to start working on the Clambake/Reverse Raffle/International. That is a busy day for us. But it sure is fun!! This week looks good weather wise. I hope you can get out and enjoy! Alright, time to get to work. The 5-5-5 is rolling in and I smell bacon cooking again!! Breakfast is served! Have a great day, see you soon.