Sunday, August 10, 2008


I love it!!! A little nip in the air this morning, but it helps wake me up. I needed it this morning, we had an outing yesterday, and it kept me running most of the day. But it was a good day. The weather was perfect and all went well. The course was beautiful (again) GO JEFF!!, and Alex and Shannon made sure things ran smooth in the Clubhouse(again) GO GIRLS!!! This combo made it possible for me to golf in the outing. My friend Debbie asked me to be on her team, along with our friends Roger and Randy. We didn't win anything, but we had fun. Thanks guys!! (even though I lost some $$$$ on the side bet) Oh well, what's a girl to do? I'll just have to try to win some back today. We are having our annual 3 club scramble today. 3 clubs, and one has to be your putter. Takes some thinking, but it can be done. Should be a fun day! Next weekend is the Ben Kramer Memorial. That's always a fun weekend. Three person scramble, pick you own team, minimum handicap of 45 between the three. A lot of side bets, and a lot of comical banter goes on. Most of which is amid at me!! Hey deb.................(you fill in the blank) Oh well!
Keep August 30th open. Jeff is starting a new club event. The first annual NFL scramble. Golf, food, beer and lots of prizes. What more can you ask for! Sounds like fun to me. Check out the info in the clubhouse, or just ask Jeff, he will be happy to tell you all about it. Right Jeff?!
Ok, lots of people rolling in. Back to work. Have a great Sunday. See you soon!