Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rain, rain go away......

It seems to be shaping up to be "one of those years".  More rain then needed, hot and humid! 
What Spring?!  We went straight from winter to mid summer in a blink of the eye.  Oy!
But, we've managed to get in most outings and club events despite the threatening weather, including Mike Mann's "The Open" this past Saturday.  It spit on us early on around 8am, but then the clouds departed and we ended our 27 hole match in the sunshine.  Yep...27 holes, many were wiped out after, including yours truly....after all, I haven't played 18 holes since last October!  Yikes.
But I was pleasantly surprised to find I still have a swing.  Look out Laurie, my game is back!!
After the rounds were posted and winners were rewarded, we sat on the veranda, killed the keg, finished our lunch and relived the round. 
Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me.....

On to the next event.....I can't believe I'm saying this, on deck is the Firecracker Open!?  
That means it's July????   again...Oy!
This is one of my favorite events at the club.  2 person scramble, pick your own team, minimum handicap of 24 between the two.  Many teams have participated in this event for well over 15 years, and the rivalries run strong and long.  Many side bets will be placed, and jovial banter will run rampant you can bet.  Always a good time.  This is how I celebrate the 4th of July. Not so bad....?

Not much else happening here.  The rain seems to have stopped, so maybe I'll get a few golfers.
If not, I have plenty to do around here. No shortage of projects at "The Dog".
Hope to see you soon.    Have a great week!

K... Glad you finally got rid of that hitch in your get along!!! Rest well my friend.