Tuesday, August 7, 2007


My word!!! This is crazy!! It is coming down in buckets here! Most of my ladies showed up this morning for the league. My accuweather said this was all going to stay north of us. So we got all saddled up, then the skies just opened up. We really wanted to play this morning. I hope it clears up this afternoon. Maybe the Tuesday men's league will get it in. I guess I won't have to hear "Well, Deb we needed some rain" for a while. The weekend weather report looks good. Everything should be greened up, and I think the greens will hold. But we won't get any roll!! Swing harder Deb!!! Look out!! Now what to do today? Linda is here, she has to do all the ordering. I got caught up on my paper work so I could play today. There's always something to do around here. I guess I can find something constructive to do. I just don't feel like it!! Oh well. P.A. just called, he said he might have a lead on a car for me!! Yeah!!! Keep your fingers crossed! Hope to see you soon!!