Sunday, April 26, 2009


Really, If anyone knows of someone looking for work, I have opening for Sunday/Holiday mornings here in the clubhouse. Someone out there needs some extra money I'm sure. If I didn't have some much to do I would take the Job! Oh, wait a minute, I am doing the job. HELP!

Anyway, Our first Annual M.L.B. outing yesterday was a home run. (pardon the pun).
We had 36 golfers, the weather was beautiful. We had breakfast, played a "schramble", then pigged out on Peanuts, Hot dogs, Cracker jacks and Big league Chew! And of course Beer!!
I think everyone had a good time. I know I did! On to the next event, Member Guest Day.
Saturday May 23rd.

It sure is a pretty morning out there. Golfers are starting to trickle in. Not a big rush though?!
Only 10 of the 5-5-5. I don't know? Maybe everyone needs to get yard work done. I know I do!!
But, it's just going to have to wait. Work, then Golf, then yard work. In that order! Well, maybe GOLF then work. Oh wait, my work is golf, and golf is my work? Something like that.

It's only April and already we have had TWO members Ace the #1 hole here at St. Bernard.
Jim Ski on Friday the 24th, and John Zupanc, just this morning. Congratulations guys!!!
Time to get your dollar back in the Insurance. You never know when the ball will drop!!!

Ok, things a picking up. Gotta run. See ya soon!!
(p.s. I want a cigarette!)