Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's least that's what the calender reads, and the Buzzards of Hinckley predict. Now if we can just get mother nature to agree, we are on our way.
St. Patty's day turned out many golfers eager to hit the greens of the course and the green in the beer. It was nice to hear the comical banter of the 5-5-5 again, and many other members hang out after a round and shoot the breeze. They are back in mid season form.
(yes you! you's!)

Jeff has been out getting the course back in shape. Little by little he is making progress.
"One Job at a time Deb!" He sure has the right attitude. He is confident he will have the course ready for the Chili Open. Rock on Jeff......your the Bomb!!!!!
Speaking of the Chili Open.....only 6 days left! Early predictions showed sunny and 40's....
I'll take it!
We had some play this morning. About 15 people out there, and it looks like we should see a few more trickle in this afternoon. Should be a good day.

Jeff just came in looking for something to eat, and Jake follows......back to work!
All is right in Richfield!
Have a great Sunday! See you soon.
And......yes Laurie we have a side bet..... Get those $$$$$'s out!!