Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jakes Jamboree/Memorial

After several delays and postponements, we were finally able to host our annual tribute to our little buddy Jake.  Jake has gone on to the big dog farm in the sky to be with his buddies Michelob, Uncle Mahoney, Sydney, Sirius and several other of our 4 legged friends. He still lives in our hearts, and will always be with us in spirit at "the Dog"!   LOVE YOU BUDDY!! Mom and Dad miss you everyday!
That being said,  today is Mothers day.   Hope all you mothers out there are being pampered and loved like you should. Moms are the best and deserve the best.  Rock on moms.......
This will be the first mothers day without my mom, and I'm not sure how I feel.
I'm just trying to keep busy here at the club and wish all moms a good day.
I've prepared some food and drinks specials for moms, it looks like the weather is going to cooperate.
So here's to a good day at St. Bernard....
Wishing you a wonderful day for you and all the women in your life.
Look forward to seeing you soon.