Monday, August 16, 2010

Ben Kramer Memorial

We managed to get the two day tournament in this weekend without any rain.
Yee.... and might I add, Haw........! The forecast called for thunderstorms on Sunday, but once again the forecasters were wrong. Just enough to help along my ulcer....Oy!
The competition, the rain Saturday afternoon, and the hot weather all combined, made for some tough playing conditions. But in the end the strongest teams prevailed.... Congratulations!!!
See photos on the right for the Winners.
Also congratulations to all who participated. We had some good teams out there and the sportsmanship shown through in true fashion. Thanks everyone!
Next up.........
Jeffs 3rd Annual Football bash. Saturday August 28th 9:00 am shotgun. Jeffs already like a kid on Christmas morning. He has lots of surprises for us......I can't wait to see what he comes up with this year!? again...Oy!
That's all I got for now.... I'll keep you updated on any happenings...Have a great week.