Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Should I pull out my Browns/Ohio State gear?! Did I sleep through June? Wacky weather! Oh well. The Pa John B-day bash was a success. Great weather, great golf, good food, good friends. What else can a girl ask for?
We have another busy week here. Four outings, a luncheon and the usual everyday stuff. Poor Linda doesn't know where to start. Me either for that matter. But I'm sure she will handle everything with her usual efficiency! Jeff and his crew are hard at work again maintaining the already terrific course conditions. Rock on guys!!! The Casual tees are having their annual Rally for the cure this Thursday. It's a great day of golf for a great cause. Thanks Ladies, your all terrific. Also the Monday night teezers are hosting their annual guest day dinner this coming Monday. This is a great way to introduce some new faces to St.B. Thank you ladies, I appreciate your support! Saturday is the 7th annual Ted Kruse Memorial. This event is hosted by the family and Friends of a long time member, Ted Kruse aka "the general". I knew Ted well, he always had a smile on his face and loved to play golf!! His son Ron and his friends and family host a wonderful outing. Golf, Lunch/Dinner, and lots of door prizes. Ted would be proud! Tomorrow is the Richfield Chamber of commerce outing. Always a good event. So I think this shall keep me busy for awhile. Keep me out of trouble, you think? HA! Back to work! Wish me luck! Have a great day everyone!