Sunday, October 4, 2009


The Clambake yesterday was a hit! No rain, lots of friends and family, good food, and of course, a few spirits! What more can you ask for? (maybe a few bucks?!) "buy a lotto ticket Deb!"
Thank you everyone who attended, and thank you to my friend Lori for helping me with the Reverse Raffle. (even though she pulled the wrong numbers..Ooops) Also a thank you to Dave Stanfield for all of the Ohio State gear he donated for prizes. Go Buckeyes!!

On to the next/last club event. The Pig Roast. October 17th. Always a big hit. People love to watch that pig roasting away. I can't watch! Not that I really get a chance to sit down and eat at these events, but this one..... Linda! Make me a grill cheese please!! Sorry Uncle Harry, even though you do a great job, I just can't. Anyway, everyone else enjoys!

I'm kinda enjoying this little nip in the air this morning. It's nice to sit in the clubhouse and listen to ESPN and watch the 5-5-5 come around on the turn and yell "TURN UP THE HEAT DEB!"
I'll get right on that guys!
Judi is back in the kitchen making Jeff his 4 egg omelet!! Oy! That's a lot of eggs!
He works hard, he can handle it.
Jake is chasing the geese that have found their way back to St. Bernard. I don't know where they go, but they find their way back! GO JAKE!
Judi is making me laugh again!! I keep telling the guys the sun will come out, and she starts singing the Annie theme. Oy! Keep your day job girlfriend!
All is right in Richfield!

I think I will go to the kitchen and find my steak I never got to eat last night.
Steak and eggs? Why not?! (maybe a little for Jake)
Have a great Sunday everyone. See you soon!!