Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yesterday was a nice little surprise. It warmed up just enough for a few of our die hard members to get in a quick round. It was nice to see some smiling faces. I hope you all had a good Christmas! Mine was good, but I'm glad its done. Is it April yet?!!! I'm ready to get back in the swing! My clubs have cob webs on them!! I hope they don't forget how to work!
I guess it's still the holiday season until next week. I just found out my friends from Buffalo are coming to stay with me for the weekend. It's a nice surprise. I'm looking forward to it!! I'm not much on new years eve, but this should be fun. Plus we can watch the Browns on Sunday, then watch the Titian's lose Sunday night!!!!! GO INDY!! Not much else to report. Hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year. COME ON SUN!!! IS IT APRIL YET?!