Monday, October 22, 2007


It's a lovely Monday! I'm just now getting to this post because I have been here since 6:00 am moving the office downstairs. Another sure sign of fall. I amazed myself. I got all the computers down, hooked up and they all work! I guess it helped that over the years I started labeling the wires, so I know what goes where. Not such a dumb broad huh? The Pig Roast/reverse raffle was a success. We had 97 people! Great turnout! Uncle Harry and Tommy did a wonderful job on the pig. Linda, Alex, B.P. and Linda's daughter-in-law Sarah did a great job making sure everyone was taken care of. They even dressed up in costumes. Linda was a Witch, Sarah was a Devil, Alex was a biker bitch and B.P. was a golfer(go figure). (I can't figure out why everyone kept asking me where my broom was?!!!!) Everyone seemed happy. Sunday was a good day. The weather was perfect!! So is today. Not bad for October. I hope it keeps up!! I gave in Saturday night and watched the tribe game. Big Mistake! I should have just kept ignoring them! What a let down! GO BROWNS!!!
Alright, time to get going here. I need to get some paper work done, then maybe get in nine holes. I have to take advantage of this weather. Hope you can too!!!!! Have a good day!!