Sunday, August 30, 2009


That's the uniform for today. What happened to the weather? It's more like October out there than August. Global warming my butt!! Even the humming birds are going nuts. Judi's out there this morning acting like the Hummingbird whisper. "Hey Deb, check this out" two of them are out there fighting and buzzing around, and shes talking to them like they understand her! You are a nut girlfriend!!!! Keep up the good work!

Jeff's 2nd annual NFL bash was a blast yesterday!! We had to sweat out the weather a bit, but everything went well. All the little details the crew put into the day didn't go unnoticed. It was hard to miss the giant goal post framing the front door! You can see it from the top of the hill on 303!! The traffic going by has to think "what the H_ _ _?!" All in all a good day. Good friends, good food, plenty of beer and golf. What else can a girl ask for!? (don't answer that!)
Now we have to start working on the next event. The NASCAR BASH.
Saturday September the 27th. Sure hope it warms up by then! OY!

Well, the 5-5-5 are rolling in. I better go give Judi a hand. I will post a slide show of the pictures from the Bash as soon as I can. Talk to you soon.