Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What a couple of nice days! Can't beat this. The day before Turkey day, and we have golfers. Yesterday P.A. brought out his Wednesday league to play. 17 guys. Pat, Ray, Mike and Gus also played, and Larry and Fred joined in. And of course, Ken was here. It was a good day!! My dads Wed. league is here today. 10 Guys. Have a few other dies hards out there, hopefully the rain will hold out. It looks good right now. Jeff and the crew are still cleaning up leaves, and keeping the course up. It looks really good considering it's November. Ross is out there walking and working on his game. Go get em' Bob!! The next couple of days look cold!! But by next week, it looks ok. I sure hope they are right! Moms having turkey day. Time to pig out and watch football. I'm looking forward to it. Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving. Eat too much, enjoy your family and friends, and give thanks. GO BROWNS!!! See you soon.