Saturday, December 14, 2013


Enough already with the arctic temps. I will admit the snow is nice for the up coming holidays, but when the temperatures are so low the chances of the white stuff dissipating in time for a late December round are slim.  Not good.  This coupled with our home town sports teams imploding has made the transition from golf season to football season a rough one. Yikes! Oh well, deal with it Deb!
The current snow fall has made Jeff and Jake happy....Jeff says "what's the difference Deb? if you have a couple of inches of snow, why not have a GOOD snow?!" Jake just runs out and rolls around in it with a mile wide smile. Oy! ...the men in my life!?  What would I do without them? 
Jake is doing much better. Although he will never be the same, he's happy, eating well, and enjoying the time he has left with us. As we are enjoying him.
I am blessed.
For some reason this year it seems like more and more people are embracing the upcoming holidays.
We've had many members drop in to say hello, and maybe enjoy a libation or two and toast the new year.  This I enjoy very much, as this is what I believe makes a golf club a golf club. Members enjoying other members, and the members at "the Dog" are the best!! 
For this I am truly grateful.
So as I tend to my usual winter time chores at the course, paper work etc...I have managed to finish my holiday baking, cooking and gift making for the season.  And now I look forward to spreading some Christmas cheer.
I hope you all can enjoy this time with your family and friends as Jeff, Jake, Dad and I are able.
Talk with you soon.
Think warm thoughts...