Sunday, January 23, 2011

Play off Sunday

What are your predictions? Do you have a favorite team you are pulling for? I must admit I really don't, but I'm going to be sorry to see football season end. It seems like a long time between the end of football and the beginning of Golf season. I know the PGA schedule has started out west....but for me it's hard to watch and then go into work and look at all the snow on the course. Kind of a tease.... Oh well Deb, deal with it!

Not much going on this week. I started my cleaning chores, and Judi has come in to help me get the kitchen, club house and locker rooms cleaned up. Not a easy task when there is no heat in the lower locker room. Burrrrrr....poor Judi had her hands full, but she worked hard and got the job well done. Thanks girlfriend....
I spoke with Linda this week. She had her surgery and the doctor said it went well. Her knee was in worse shape then they anticipated, and she is still in great pain. But she is on her way to recovery and hopefully she will be good as new soon. Hang in there girl!
Jeff took some well deserved time off this week and traveled north to work on his cabin.
This brings him great pleasure, but I sure wish he would sit down and relax a little.
What ever makes you happy buddy. Watch out for those breakers!
Jake, Dad and I are holding down the fort. Jake is loving the snow, Dad is plowing it away and I'm counting the days until the Chili Open....How many?

On the up side....after much deliberation, my friend Lori has convinced me to take a few days off for some R&R. So shortly we shall head south to FLA for a few days on the Links. She has a friend who lives there and we will hang with her. And get this......she's a teaching pro!
Just my luck....I haven't swung a club since November, and I'm going to play golf with a pro!?
Can I say "FORE".....oy! I think I might lose a few Fike dollars on this trip. (I can hear you laughing Johnson!!) Don't count those dollars yet, you know how I hate to part with them.
I hope my clubs haven't forgotten what to do......head down Deb!
On that note....
It's time for me to start getting my clubs together and dig out the golf clothes that have been put away for the winter. What to take? Whats the weather like there? Skorts? pants? which golf shoes? Do they have Michelob down there???? Oy....such drama!
I'll post the results.

Stay warm everyone. I hope you can sneak away also and swing the sticks.
Golf will be back in Richfield before you know it.
How many days?