Sunday, August 29, 2010

NFL Bash Hits Home Run.......

or do I mean touchdown? Either way, it was a GREAT day yesterday. Everything fell into place for Jeff's 3rd Annual NFL Bash. Perfect weather, a large turn out and lots of food, beer, pop and water made for a good day all around. Everyone seemed happy (check out the slide show to the right, click on it to enlarge) even Jake was smiling the whole time. Of course what's not for him to smile about? Steak was flying off plates all through the clubhouse.....GOOOOOOD DOG!
Better start chasing those geese and work some of that off! Jake rocks!
So do Jeff and Josh...... they put so much effort and attention to detail into the event, it really showed. I am so proud of both of you!....and your crew. Keep up the good work.
Linda, Therese and Mony took care of everything in the clubhouse with their usual efficiency.
This allowed me to go out and golf without worrying if everything was going smooth.
Thanks Girls.....Love you all!
Of course this didn't guarantee my game would be any better.....Oy! Oh well, maybe next time.

Ok...Judi has found a cheerleader mega phone left over from yesterday and chanting cheers....
two- four- six -eight.....who do we appreciated? Judi! Judi! Judi!
Jeff, Josh and Matt are in tears......Me too!!!!
I think we are all so tired that were getting slap happy.
I know I could use a nap. But, not in the cards for now.

Looks like another good weather day. Hope this brings out some more golfers.
Only 8 of the 5-5-5 this morning?! Whats up with that? Guess we wore them out yesterday.
Oh well. Whats a girl to do? GET TO WORK!!! That's what.
See ya soon...........