Saturday, June 14, 2008


But who wants a worm!? I want sleep. Maybe one day bags under the eyes will be fashionable. I'm so ahead of my time. Ok, I'm done! Well we got through the outing Sunday without a hitch.(sort of). Jeff and his crew, and some volunteers(thanks Joe Tee,thanks Don) did a great job getting all of the golfers where they needed to be, Linda and the girls had everything under control inside(as usual), the course was perfect, and the weather cooperated. All in all a good day!! Now if we can duplicate that for the next six outings, all will be good. The poor Friday night couples got rained out again last night. But they still had a enjoyable evening. Good food, good friends, that's all you need. It's raining here again! The 5-5-5 are going to have to dodge a few rain drops. Not the first time! Nor the last I'm sure. No golf for Golfmama this morning. Too much too do this morning. Have too get ready for the 7th annual Pa John birthday bash tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be a good day. (always is) Alright, speaking of work. Time for me to get too it!! Have a great weekend everyone. See you soon!!