Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More great weather........

Mother nature has been good to us for the last few weeks. We've been able to get in the Club events and several outings with out sweating out rain and or thunderstorms. This saves me from any more worry lines on my face......On the other hand it gives Jeff a few of his own. The 90 degree humid weather presents Jeff and the crew with the great challenge of keeping the course from getting stressed out. This is not a easy task....Keep up the good fight're doing a great job.

We hosted the annual Mayor Hruby golf outing today, and the last of the players are rolling in.
Lot's of smiling faces....everyone seems happy. My compliments to all the participates.
We have a couple of more outings coming up over the weekend, and then the PGA bash and an outing on the weekend after that. Plenty of work for us over the next few weeks.
(thank goodness!) (keeps me out of trouble! OY!)

It's hard to believe that August is just around the corner.....before you know it we will be tuning in to see what our Cleveland Browns hold for us this year. again Oy! I really do love football season......although I can do without what follows the fall......
(shut up Deb! no "S" words...."plural") Sorry!

Aside from that.....I don't have much else to report. Just hanging in there, enjoying the weather, the golf, the camaraderie of the members and life in general. Hope you all can say the same.
Enjoy!!!!!!!! Talk with you soon.