Sunday, October 7, 2007


The Clambake was a big hit!!! Even though the weather was more conducive to a pool party in September. The tournament went off with out a hitch. We partied, Pigged out, and had a good time. My friend Maria helped me with the reverse raffle again, and Linda,Alex and B.P. made sure everyone got enough to eat!! I got home in time to see the Buckeyes kick some Purdue butt!!! After a good nights sleep, I was ready for a nice Sunday morning!! I booked a small outing this morning through a friend/member of mine. (thanks Arv). 20 guys from the Buckeye golf association. (great name!!) I hope they had a good time.I played with the 5-5-5 this morning, then we proceeded to watch the Browns not embarrass themselves too bad! That's just my opinion!!! But what do I know? (JADB)
OK, now you will have to blog me and find out what jadb means!! Think about it!!! Alright, time to go check out what the Tribe is doing!!!
Don't forget about golf!!!! Lot's of good weather ahead!!! See ya soon!!