Sunday, October 8, 2017

Where o' Where did the Summer go?!

Hi everyone. Yes....I'm still here. I know its been a long time between posts, it's either been not enough time or when I do have the time, my hearts not in it.  It has been one crazy year once again.
Many obstacles thrown our way, but we are addressing them one by one and forging forward.
It seems like the season is just getting going, and now I'm preparing for the Clambake!? After that only one more senior open, and then the Chili CloseršŸ˜¢.   I just don't know where the time went.
Many of you must feel the same way. I have noticed many absent faces here and wonder. I know many have expressed busy schedules with kids and grandchildren.  That's life as they say.....
the weather forecast looks great for this time of year. I hope you all can get out and enjoy a
nice fall round or two.
Miss ya all!!!