Saturday, June 28, 2008


What's with all the rain?! I know we need the rain, but not in buckets. These storms are something else. I think were going to be alright for the scramble this morning. The radar looks like the storms went north and south of Richfield. The forecast looks good for the upcoming holiday. Thank heavens. We have our annual Firecracker open on Friday, and I know alot of you have many holiday parties planned. Let's hope for a great weekend. 4th of July already! OY! We plan and work hard all winter just waiting for the first nice day to get out and hit the links, then we turn around and it's all a blur, were did summer go? Oh well, just sit back and enjoy Deb.
I can't prove it, but I think Jeff's going out there and planting weeds! I think he's trying to get my back out of wack so he can knock me out of the Firecracker. Nice try Jeff, but Golfmama's stronger than she looks! Not much else to report for now. Shannon should be rolling in any time now. Soon the smell of bacon will hoover over Richfield and all will be right. Time to get to work.
Have a great weekend everyone!