Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, we got the first event of the year in without a hitch. A wee bit brisk, but otherwise everything was good. The Chili open had 36 golfers who braved the cloudy cool weather for 9 holes, then came in and sampled the 9 different chili entries. A good day.

We have frost again this morning here. But the day looks to be warm and sunny. I think I might sneak out and play this morning. The 5-5-5 are rolling in now, so I will finish this post later.
Signing off for now.

Ok, I'm back. Sorry about the interruption. I should have stayed in here and finished my blog.
What a bad round of golf!!!!! Oh well, at least I got out. Good thing too, looks like we are going to get some snow today. OY! Just when things were looking up.
But, the end of the week looks like it will warm up. Just in time for Easter, the Tribe opener, and the Masters! I love Masters week at the golf course. Everyone gets pumped up for golf.

Sunday was not a good day for animals at St. Bernard. First, one of Jeff's cat's had to be put to sleep. Sorry Jeff.
But this next one you will not believe. Get yourself to hole #4, Golfer tees off, you know the cement barrier in front of the green?, sounds like the ball hits that. So they go over to the green to start looking for the golf ball, turns out it hit a TURTLE on the back, and the ball is embedded half way into it's shell!!?? (do you get relief? wait a little Ryba, if he crawls up on the green, you get the pin shot!) Never saw anything like that in my life. I have the pictures to prove it.
Only at St. Bernard! Jeff got the ball out and put him back in the lake, hope he makes it.

Well, I guess I'll go upstairs and start cleaning up my office. It's time to move the office back upstairs. This is a sure sign of spring. See you soon.