Saturday, March 15, 2008


It's almost gone!! Not quite playable yet, but getting there. I can see some green, that's a good sign! Before you know it we will be hitting the links. None too soon for me!!!!! I not sure I even know where my clubs are?! My dad probably hocked them!! Ha! The Chili open is just around the corner. I made the sign up sheet yesterday, and Jeff and Josh were the first to sign up. Two down, 70? to go!!!! Would be nice! I need to get moving in the club house, I'm still cleaning, It never ends. Of course I end up getting side tracked every now and again, either by work, or by play! Oh well, It will get done one way or another. Keep moving Deb!! St. Patrick"s day, Easter, then the Masters!!. Can't wait!!! One thing at a time, first-green beer, my favorite color, and favorite beverage. It's magically Delicious!!! The weather looks good for Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday, upper 40's to 50's. Just right for a walk with some golf clubs tagging along!! Happy St. Patty's day everyone. Play safe!!!!! (don't get tangled up with any Leprechaun,s) GO IRISH!!!!