Friday, December 21, 2007


I know, I've neglected my blog!! Sorry! Just have not had much to report. Dad, Jeff and I are still here everyday. Last Wednesday Jeff put the greens to bed. When I saw him spraying I knew he thought the snow was coming. He was right!! (it's your fault Jeff!!) But the snow is melting, and the next couple of days look good. Hopefully next week I will be looking out at green and not white! The memberships are rolling in, and that is keeping me busy. My Friend Jody came in from Hawaii for the Holidays. (I know, Is she nuts? Yes she is!) It's nice to see her. She is keeping me hopping! I love it!! Time to get ready for Christmas. Lot's to do. I want to get it done by Sunday so I can relax and watch the Browns make their way to the Playoffs!! Kick some Bengal butt guys!!! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!! Hope Santa stuffs your stocking!!!
Talk to you soon! GO BROWNS!!!