Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hard to believe it's over already. Where is the summer going?
Soon we will be cheering for the Browns...Oy!. Did I say that out loud?   Ooops. anyway....
We celebrated the 4th here at the club with our annual Tournament.
20 teams headed out on to the "steamy"  links to scramble their way into the record books of  "the Firecracker Open". It was a hot one all right...plenty of water was consumed throughout the day.
Coolers filled with just ice replaced coolers full of beers!  Oy...what is wrong with this picture?!!
Judi and Therse were not sure what to do!?  They were sweating it out also in that steam oven we call a Kitchen.  Sorry girls, thanks for all that you do. You're the BEST!
But we made it through the day, and in the end the winners were rewarded, libations were consumed, and the round was replayed hole by hole. "that putt was..that second shot..missed it by thaaaat much".
And so it goes on........the 19th hole tradition continues on in Richfield.  God bless America.......

It looks like another hot and sticky day today, but relief is in sight according to the weather people.
And you KNOW we can believe the weather people. Yikes!!!  
80's next week is the prediction.  That sure would help Jeff.
He has been scrambling to keep the course alive through this heat and drought.
I know your tired buddy, but you have done a fantastic usual!!! Rock on my friend!

That's about all I have for now. Time to look ahead and see what's on the agenda next...
Hope you can join us on the links soon.