Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving.....

It's Turkey time...although it feels like Christmas time out there. Burrr...But these days it seems to be one in the same. I've always been a big believer that you don't deck the halls until after Thanksgiving,
but with Turkey day falling so late in the month, I broke down and started decorating the club house.
Jeff is a big fan of Christmas trees, so last year I brought in a small (Charlie Brown) tree from home and we hung the tinsel. This year, thanks my to sister in law Phyllis upgrading her tree, we now have a 12 ft tree! (the bigger the tree, the bigger the presents...right?!)  So I dug into my decoration closet and pulled out ornaments I have not used in years. Most of which were my Grandmas.  Most were home made, knitted-crocheted etc. Yikes! At I first I found them tacky, but then a friend pointed out, its more like retro, and I guess tacky/retro is what's in now.  Go figure...I'm a trend setter.
So this is the official St. Bernard G.C. Christmas tree.  Now if Jake doesn't decide to christen it we'll be ok...Oy! Be good baker, or you'll get coal in your stocking!    That job being done, it's time to get back to the annual winter chores here. Lot's to do...but we need to take a break and enjoy the upcoming holiday season with our friends and family.  And that includes our St. Bernard family.
If you're out and about in the area, stop in for a cup of holiday cheer.
Wishing you a wonderful turkey day.  Enjoy!!!