Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What a mess! Amazing what a little wind can do! (a little?!) Oy! I'm sure all of you had some damage to your yards as a result of the remnants of IKE. We certainly had our share here at the club. Check out the slide show for pictures of some of the damage. Poor Jeff!!! He was supposed to play in a golf outing yesterday, but after surveying the damage, he decided he could not leave his crew with the mess. I'm sorry Jeff! But with the help of some Friends, Jeff, Josh my Dad and the rest of the crew, the course is back to playable. (thanks Joe Tee!) We still have a lot of clean up to do, but I'm sure we will back to our normal wonderful conditions soon.

The club championship was rained out over the weekend. Go figure! But we decided to reschedule for this weekend. Actually this might be for the better. Quite a few people could not participate because of other commitments, and most who signed up are able to play this weekend. Although, my rival Laurie may not be able to come back up from Columbus. Bummer!!
Come on girlfriend, Fike dollars are waiting to be had!!!

The week ahead looks great weather wise. Hope you can get out and enjoy the wonderful month of September. It's a great time of year for golf!

Back to work. See ya soon!!