Sunday, November 4, 2007


Me, not the weather!! We had the 5-5-5 Dinner party last night. We had a good time!! Prime Rib with all the fixin's, open bar and we played poker after. I won $40.00 !!!! Pa's wife Marlene hates me!!! Sorry girl friend! Don Foutz(aka Leader) did a fine job all year taking care of the
5-5-5. He puts up with a lot of bull sometimes!(welcome to my world Don). But we had fun last night! Thanks Don! It sure looks like the weather is going to change for the worst. I am not looking forward to this for many reasons. Number one is golf of course, and I will miss seeing all of you. Maybe we will get a Indian summer!? Keep dreaming Deb!!! You never know. Ok, the guys are starting to roll in. Time to get to work, then some golf. Have a great Sunday!!! GO BROWNS!!!