Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chili Open.....

Not so chilly. The fact that I'm posting while the other 52 people are out golfing indicates that we had one too many players....Bummer for me! Oh well, I'll get to golf one of these days. Boo Hoo Deb!!
52 Golfers....good turn out. The weather has held out and it looks pretty good out there.
Jeff managed to get almost everything cut this week. The warm weather started everything growing right before our eyes. He had to do some scrambling, but he got the job done.
Never a doubt...good job my friend, your the Best!!
We have 8 chili entries this year. Get the Tums ready....Oy!
Well, you're all starting to roll in now....time for me to get to work. Be back soon......

I'm back....a little slow this morning, but I'm here. Yesterday was a good day. It was a nice way to kick off the season. It was so nice, Jeff, I and a few regulars celebrated the day a bit too much.
That's why I'm a little slow. Anyway....
Golf, Chili and few libations were the order of the day. 20 plus participants ventured out for a additional 9 holes. (myself included!) Afterward we finished up the chili , drank a few beers and in the end Chili #3 was voted the best. Ron Saccone. Wally's chili came in a close 2nd place #6.
I thought they were all good. Thank's to all who entered.

Looks like today may be a bit slow. A mist this morning, and lingering clouds have cooled us down a little. Monday is supposed to be cool, but then it looks like we warm back up next week.
Just in time for Easter and the Masters. For many, the Masters is the official kick off of the Golf Season. Let's hope we can get 18 in, then watch and try to learn how the pros do it. Looks so easy on the TV. "I can putt like that!" Yikes.
Were getting some action now.....Golfers coming in the front door, 5-5-5 turning.....
I guess I gotta go cook some hot dogs!!!!!! Oy!

Have a great Sunday everyone. See ya soon!