Sunday, December 16, 2012

So far, so good....

The start of winter this year has been a pleasant surprise, and dare I say, has a resemblance of last years winter? I guess I would be pushing it to hope for a repeat of the 2011/12 winter season....
but a girl can hope. The mild start has resulted in our members getting in a few more rounds for the season and also enjoy the camaraderie of other members during the holiday season.
Many libations have been consumed along with many cookies and other goodies that Golfmama has managed to get prepared in between waiting on customers and other assorted paper work. Yikes!

Jeff and Jake are still out working on the course, and enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the golfers.
I think it gets lonely out there for them when no one is around.  Jeff has many lengthy conversations with Jake, and really think's he is hearing Jake converse!? I wouldn't put it past him, he's a very smart dog.  Although he does get a bit distracted when a squirrel runs up a tree.....oy!
"Jake, can you say "goose"?!" 

I have a few guys out there this morning, and think their about to start rolling in to watch the Browns game and enjoy those aforementioned libations and goodies.  I know that's my game plan for the next four hours.  How about you?
All is right in Richfield.
Enjoy your Sunday, let your children and family know how much you love them, and live the day to the most....
Hope to see you soon.

p.s.  How many days until the Chill Open??