Saturday, May 26, 2007


We needed rain, but that was crazy! I went out to golf three times, and each time I had to high tail it back in. The last try I was at the farthest part of the course(#5) of course, when I heard thunder, so I came back in. And then all heck broke loose. It came down in buckets and we even had hail! What is that all about? B.P. and Linda just came in off of #18 and missed it, but poor Steve, Larry, Rios and Phil were stuck back by #15. Walking of course! Then it looked like we were in some kind of spooky movie. A heavy fog lingered for a long time, it was strange, but also quite relaxing. It would have to be steak night for the Friday night couples. Poor John Zupanc standing out there trying to cook 45 steaks on the grill dodging lighting bolts! Oy! What a way to start a holiday weekend! The weather forecast is for isolated T-storms, just so long as they don't isolate over Richfield. Do you think the greens will hold today? No roll though, I guess I will have to swing a little harder today. Look out!!!
Oh Great!! Just now I heard a bang on the window and looked out to see a bird ran into the window and it's dead on the ground!! Gross! I hope that is not a omen!? Jeff!!!!!!!! Clean up on isle 19!
Well, I smell bacon, B.P. must be here. Hope you all have a great memorial day. Don't picnic to much. Squeeze in some golf!! See ya!