Tuesday, September 18, 2007


What a great game! I guess they must of heard my big mouth screaming last week!! It's hard to miss! Mondays are much more fun when we come off a win. Although this Monday was a busy one. We started to aerify the front nine yesterday. Things started out ok, but of course then some of the equipment started to break. My poor Dad is really getting tired. He keeps fixing things and then something else beaks down. But we kept going and managed to make progress. Jeff and his crew, with the help of some friends and members(thanks Joe, and Bob Brown) kept things going. On to the back nine. Keep your fingers crossed. The Monday night teezers had their end of the year banquet here last night. Linda and Donna did a great job decorating and catering. I hope they were happy! It's that time of year. Most of the leagues will be wrapping up and having their final luncheons and banquets. That means Linda will be decorating up a storm. She always makes the club house look great! My favorite is the Halloween theme. I feel like I'm in some old rerun of the Adams Family! And I'm LURCH! You Rang! Where's Thing? Ok, back to work. I got my league this morning, then back to help Jeff. Talk with ya soon!