Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Bernard Golf.......Ski Resort?

Enough already with the snow! This reminds of February 2007, Valentines day actually. Although I was watching the record setting snow fall in Cleveland on CNN while sipping a Michelob looking out at Diamond Head.....You know it's not good news when you see your home town on national news. Looks like I didn't get out of dodge in time this year. Oh well, soon I will be off on my vacation. A sure sign that the weather will turn nice and all will be well in Cleveland.
Murphy's law as they say.....

Meanwhile poor Jeff has done nothing but plow snow for the last couple of weeks. It wouldn't be so bad, but he has plenty of other projects on his list. Hang in there Jeff!! Keep up the good work! Josh and Jake are keeping busy also. Painting, cleaning ect..... Although Jake works for peanuts (I'm sure Josh would say he does too... HA!!) Thanks Josh, and Happy Birthday today!!

I'm still modeling the yellow rubber gloves, scrubbing down the clubhouse and kitchen.
Judy has been gracious enough to come in and help me out. Thanks girlfriend, every little bit helps. I'm sure Linda thanks you also. Hi Linda....hope all is well.

Jeez, it's still snowing here! I haven't seen a plow go down 303 for a couple of hours. Oy....
Could be a long ride home. Which way though? Try and get up 303 hill, or try and get down Boston road hill? Maybe I should just click my heels (boots) and hope for the best.
Hope you are all home safe and warm while your reading this. I'll post again when I get back, maybe even share some pictures....Oy! ALOHA!!!