Friday, April 6, 2012

Masters/Easter Weekend....

So far, so good. The mild weather has afforded us the chance to hit the links and pretend we are in Augusta. Visions of par's and birdies dancing through our heads, taking daring shots to save the day, like Phil out of the sand in yesterdays round, sinking 20 foot putts for eagle.....
This is the banter on Easter Sunday morning at St. Bernard.
7 of the 5-5-5 have come out this morning to try once again to play like the pros. I'm sure one or more "fish" story will be told by the end of the day. Oy!
After their round we will turn on the TV , pour a couple of libations, and see how it's really done. Afterward they will be off for Ham and all the fixin's with family and friends.
I'll hold the fort down here and watch for the Easter bunny to bring Jake and I our baskets.
American cheese, water and beef flavored eggs for Jake. Pizza, Michelob light and spicy flavored eggs for Deb!
and don't forget Jeff......Dear Easter bunny, could you please bring Jeff a basket full of new equipment, fertilizer, some power tools, mulch ect..ect..ect.... and maybe some Chocolate bunny ears! Thank you.

Speaking of Jeff....thanks to some input and cleaver thinking by a couple of members and him, we have a couple of new ideas for events here at St. B. Details are being worked out, and we're excited about the possibilities. Watch for the St. Bernard GC "skills challenge" along with others.

The wind has picked up here and the clouds are thick, but a few more souls have ventured out. Soon I will be grilling hot dogs.....Oy!
That's my weekend so far.
Hope you're all enjoying yours.
May your baskets be blessed, your bunny ears be long, and have your loved ones close by.
Hope to see you soon......