Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keep it coming.....

the great weather that is. Isn't this great?! Mid November and the golfers are wearing shorts!? (Steve!) We have a good gang this morning. 16 of the 5-5-5, Gary, Ken, Bob, Bill and more..
Should be a good day. The course is in fantastic shape, even for November. Jeff, Josh and the crew have been working their butts off getting rid of the fall debris. Not an easy task with all the trees we have around here. Oy! Keep up the good work guys. I can't say it enough, YOU ROCK!

My boyfriend Jake has been busy the last couple of weeks. Those dumb geese just keep landing, then act surprised when a crazy dog keeps coming after them. Duh!! You go Jake, you the man!
Plus, he works for peanuts! Well ok, Cheese, or steak, or prime rib. (anything you want guy).
Although he was a little slow this morning when I woke him up at 7:30 for work.
We had our annual 5-5-5 dinner party yesterday and Jake was invited. (oops, dropped another piece of prime rib). A good time. Lots of food, drink, prizes and a little card playing.
And.... a Buckeye win!! Rose Bowl bound!!! OH....IO!
Linda and Therese cooked, served, decorated and took care of us in their usual efficient manner. Thanks girls. Your the best!!!
Maybe prime rib for breakfast Deb? Why not?!

The week ahead looks good. Might just get some play in before the Holiday season gets kicked off. Thanksgiving is on it's way! And we all know what follows that. Yikes!

The fivers are starting to turn now. Get moving Deb!
See you soon!