Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chili Open?....or Frozen Open?

When life gives you Lemons..........

What's a girl to do? Who knows? I guess we just need to sit back and hope for the best. Meanwhile Jeff is out busting his butt mowing, picking up sticks and in general just trying to get the course in mid season form for the first event of the season. The delay of the Chili Open was a disappointment not only for many members, but also for Jeff, Dad,myself and the staff . On the upside.... It has given us (mainly Jeff) a chance to get the course/club ready for a great day of fun. The forecast has fluctuated so often over the last few days that I have to believe that everything will be just fine. If not?......well then we will just have to find a way to entertain ourselves! Yikes! Wii anyone? How about some poker? I might even be able to dig up a old Twister game......again....Yikes!! Either way, Thanks for hanging in there everyone. You are ALL truly the best members (aka) friends a girl can have. Jake, and all the crew are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday. Think Sunny thoughts.......and add some spice to that chili. GOLFMAMA likes it hot!