Saturday, April 21, 2007


Finally, the sun has made it's way to Richfield! About time! Come on out and see for yourself. The 5-5-5 has started officially, the Ladies leagues luncheons are this coming week, along with the Friday night couples spring dance. The Old Guy's have been playing all along, and are ready to golf in some warm weather. The leagues will start the week after that.
Linda and I are going to be busier than a one armed paper hanger!
(not complaining, just stating) The rest of the staff will be back soon.
Linda,B.P., Donna, Darlene, Alex, Tracey are looking forward to coming back and serving you. That also means I can get out more and work on my game. My friend Laurie Johnson came up from Columbus Friday to play. She thought she was going to get a couple of Fike dollars, but I managed to keep them in my pocket. (Sorry girl friend, maybe next time). I hope to get out Sunday and enjoy some of this sunshine. Chances are pretty good! Don't let this weekend go by without getting some golf in!!! Winter will be here before you know it!! (Oops,sorry about that!)
See you soon!