Monday, July 20, 2009


Though I did not get to see much of the open all weekend because of work, I did catch the very emotional last day Sunday, and the playoff. Ouch! How sad! A victory brought home by Watson would have been a great boost to many aging/ailing golfers. Instead this open will go down as one of the saddest moments in sports. Oh well, Life goes on...

On the other hand, our British Open inspired Scramble was a success. We had 40 golfers, plenty of cold Michelob amber Bach draft, Fish and Chips and of course prizes. We even had cereal!?
"Hey Judi, whats with the cereal on the counter?" "The British Open Deb, "CHEERIOS!"
She's a Nut!!!! Everyone seemed to have a good time. Next up, Ben Kramer Memorial, then Jeff's 2nd Annual Football bash. I'm looking forward to both!!!!

The week ahead looks good weather wise. I hope it continues. I sure would like to get out and work on my game. I know I won't be playing over the weekend. Outings both days. Oh well Deb, work comes before golf. I gotta work on that!!!!! Golf before work? Sounds reasonable!

Not much else to report for now. I will catch up with you later. Have a great week!!!

*On a personal note: Congratulations to my Father Ron. Dad was one of the first inductees into the Cloverleaf race track hall of fame this Friday. I'm very proud of you Dad for many reasons, and this is just one more for me to add to my memories. Love you!*