Friday, December 23, 2011

So far, so good.....

We've managed to escape any abundance of snow here, and even got a few rounds in over the last couple of weeks.? "Thank you Santa...It's just what I wanted!" A few flurries this morning, but nothing significant. I know some of you would prefer snow for the holiday, (Jeff included) but I think I can muddle through and not miss it.
A new year is on the horizon and we're here getting things ready for the 2012 golf season.
Jeff, Dad, Jake and I are keeping busy with our projects. Lots of paper work for me, then the annual break down of the kitchen.....Oy! I HATE that deep fryer.
Jeff has finished with his "thorn in the side" projects, and has moved on to less daunting jobs.
One of which being painting the veranda furniture. With his usual flare for doing things "right" he has transformed it to look like a whole new set.
Thank you my friend, you are the best!
Jake is keeping busy making sure those pesky squirrels scurry up the right trees.
Then he proceeds to stay there and talk to them while the deer and geese pass by......Oy!
He's going to find coal in his stocking if he keeps this up!? That's alright buddy.....I still love you!
Dad has many irons in the fire once again. So It's just best that I step back and let him go.
(and fix his computer every now and again) Yikes!
In between, a few of the members have stopped in for a holiday hello and renew their memberships, along with a few Christmas gifts. One stop shopping.....can't beat it!
Hope you're all done with your holiday shopping and can sit back now and enjoy your friends and family. Tis the season you know....
I know I could use a Holiday cocktail or two. Don't forget the 19th hole is still open part time.
Stop in and say hello. See ya soon!