Friday, April 6, 2007


Do you believe this? I go to Stanc's for a couple of michelob's go home and to bed and wake up to this!!!! I guess I should cancel getting the roof fixed today. Golfing in 80 degree weather on Tuesday, and shoveling snow on Friday. Only in Cleveland! or Buffalo!(hope you get through to Cleve safely K.K.) I wonder what it would take to get the grounds crew for the Tribe to come over here and remove the snow?
If they can play ball today, why can't we golf ? We should be sitting in the clubhouse having cocktails and watching Tiger win the Master's! (or Phil)
Post your opinion!! Have a happy Easter everyone, enjoy the Master's, and think warm thoughts! Blog me!

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Anonymous said...

It's great golfing conditions in Paradise, 85 and SUNNY!!!!
Wishing you a quick meltdownand Happy Easter (watch so you don't get Peter Cotton Tail caught up in the snow blower)