Monday, November 17, 2008


From golf on Friday, to shoveling snow on Monday. I knew I hated Mondays for a reason!
It was nice while it lasted though. A few of you got a couple more rounds in last week. It was nice to see your smiling faces. It gets lonely here this time of year. Even though we have plenty to keep us busy, it's not the same without seeing the members pop in and say hello, and maybe have a cocktail or two. Jeff and Josh are here all winter getting the equipment ready for next year (not a easy task), but they manage to get it done. They have lot's of other little projects they want to get done, one at a time guys!! In between the projects, we take a break and discuss the upcoming/already played games. Talk about highs and lows. One day its "Go Browns" the next it's "there is always next year" OY!
The Buckeyes look good. (I need something to root for!)

It's snowing here again. In a way it's pretty, looking out the window at the course with the snow coming down beats any corner office view Ive ever seen. Once in a while you see some deer run down the fairway(and over the green, Ouch!) and back through the course. It's a nice sight!
Don't you feel sorry for me yet! Ha!

Anyway, not much else to report for now. I will keep posting all winter long, counting down the days until the CHILI OPEN 2009! (How many days?) Figure it out and let me know!!
Happy Turkey Day everyone!! (Only one piece of pie!!!) See ya!


Anonymous said...

Snow Snow Go Away!!! What has happened to our season? Looks like no golf until 09' Is the
19th hole still open? Buckeyes took care of the team from up north (and also covered the Vegas line) The Browns are another story altogether, and a sad story at that. Stay warm...130 days until the first Saturday in April!

golfmama said...

130 days? OY! Think positive, still could have a warm up in December (a girl can hope!)
Browns who? Go Bucks!! 19th hole still open. Might need a sleigh to get here, but still open!