Friday, January 22, 2010


Grass that is, not cash! I wish!!! The thaw has started and I'm hoping all the white stuff might be gone over the weekend. (a girl can hope you know!)
Not much going on here. I'm scrubbing down the kitchen and my hands are starting to look like that of a construction worker. On the up side, the fumes from the chemicals are giving me just a little bit of a buzz! OY! I need a Michelob!!
Jeff, Josh and Jake are keeping busy with lots of little projects that just can't get done in the regular season. Painting, cleaning and maintaining the equipment. Just when we think we are making a dent in some of the projects, something else needs attention.
One day it seems like spring is so far away, then you turn around and you think "how are we going to get everything done before spring?!" "Chill Deb, it will get done" Dad keeps telling me.
He's usually right.... but I still worry. Oh well, such is life....right?
Soon I will be on my way to visit my friend Jody, her husband, Kona, Nani and the rest of the pooch patrol for a week. A little R&R on the Island they call Oahu! It pays to have friends in high places.....or at least warm places! I will be traveling with my good friend Andrea
(aka MAMA!!!) a little girls vacation. Life is good!!
When I get back it will be time to hang the sign up sheet for the Chili Open, March 27th.
Mark your calenders!!
How many Days?????
Well....back to work. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

62 Days Until Chili Open!

Well, the white stuff should just about be gone from the fairways and greens, can we now ask for 50 and sunny to dry things out so we can get in a round or two this week? NOT! Bad weather in forecast, we will just have to wait for March.

golfmama said...

Now, now..... Let's think positive!
You never know what Mother nature has up her sleeve. After all, she is a Mama!! And Mama's are a rare and unusual breed!!

Tiny the air!!!!

Anonymous said...

Miami - Sunny St. Bernards - Snow,
and lots of it. Has to be more than a foot on those fairways.

Well, someone said we won't be playing until March and I believe opening on the 27th for The Chili Open may be a good guess.

48 Days & Counting

golfmama said...

Listen closely because it's not often I say this....."you may be right"
Oy! enough with the white stuff...
48 days......
but only 9 more wakeups!!!
Da da daaaa....Da da daaaa....